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  • Cymon & Annette, Chingford

    Dear RKJ Developments

    This is just a short note to thank you all for being such a great and reliable team and making us both feel very comfortable here over the last four years. We have tried our very best to keep the property as we found it in August 2001 and we hope it is up to your standards.

    Once again we thank you for all your help and hard work

  • Jay, Barkingside

    John & Keith

    Josephine and I would like to express our gratitude and thanks for the way you handled the roof fixing issue throughout. There are a number of instances during the last couple of months where you expressed deep professionalism and care that we would like to point out

    -The roof started leaking badly on Sunday (don't remember the exact date). When we informed you, you immediately responded and in spite of being a Sunday, you visited the property immediately and had a look in to the leak. This shows your commitment to work.

    -Not only that the efforts you took in fixing the problem were impeccable but also you made sure it did not affect us much by moving things in the room on your own and also taking the utmost care that you treat the things as is they were your own. Really appreciate your care and dedication to work.

    -The solution you had designed to fix the issue and the way you went about implementing was the perfect solution to the problem. Rather than just doing patch work, you invested time and money to get it done perfect. This shows a high quality of professionalism that you have.

    -Compensating us for the issue caused finally shows that you really care for your tenants.

    Overall, though the problem occurred was not something you nor we cherished, what we honestly appreciate are the efforts that you took to fix the problem.

    I hope we also co-operated with you in the whole episode and did not cause you any hardships whatsoever.

    Thanks once again

  • Valerie, Leyton

    To everyone at RKJ

    We would like to extend our thanks for the great response time in fixing our boiler recently, but on top of that for everything else you guys have done for us so far. We are very impressed with your speed and professionalism!

    Thanks again.

  • Mr Krishnasamy, Hainault

    John & Keith

    At the outset, we would like to thank you for permitting to rent your property 197A, New North Road, over the last two and a half years. It has been a pleasure to be associated with RKJ Development and Lettings agents

    Due to a change in circumstances and need for more space, we have decided to vacate the property. Please treat this letter as a 2 month notice to vacate the property 197A New North Road, Hainault, IG6 3AA

    Kindly advise us of the next steps involved in the process.

    Yours faithfully

  • Anita & Rafal, Leyton

    We have been renting properties through RKJ Developments for 3 years now. The first flat we rented was a one bedroom flat but as our family grew we had to change it after a one year tenancy. RKJ offered us a beautiful three bedroom flat in the same area at a unbelievably reasonable price.

    The flats are excellent value for money and always were refurbished and cleaned thoroughly before we moved in and any additional furniture we needed was quickly provided. All the major equipment (boiler, washing machine, fridge/freezer, etc) is served well throughout the duration of the tenancy. Once a year gas and electrical safety test is performed by an engineer.

    When any other problems have occurred the landlord is easily reached by phone and can usually come round straight away. I really appreciate the new dishwasher, vinyl in bathroom, sink and tap in bathroom and anything else that needed to be done to make me a happy tenant. Overall we are pleased with the tenancy. We would certainly recommend this landlord to other prospective tenants.

  • Jackie, Barkingside

    We have been renting from RKJ for 5 years and they have always been efficient, professional, and most of all friendly and helpful, Would definitely recommend them as letting agents.

  • Lou, Leytonstone

    My name is Lou and I have been renting in the Leytonstone area from RKJ for 5 years now. Every time a friend or even a friend of a friend is looking for somewhere to rent I recommend phoning RKJ to enquire about properties as I have never rented from a more organised, friendly and efficient landlord , with extremely reasonable and competitive rents for the area.

    We are notified of our regular PAT tests, boiler checks and the like well in advance, and RKJ are always happy to fit appointments around us. Changing the name of the second tenant on the lease when renewing last year was an easy and painless procedure; unlike any other time i have tried to do that on a rented property. There have been hardly any problems with the property more serious than a dripping tap, and these are fixed normally within 24 hours of RKJ being notified. The washing machine broke at one point, but a brand new top of the range one was delivered and installed so quickly I barely had time to work myself into my usual state of panic over such things. When anything does go wrong, which has been rarely, it has been so easy to get hold of someone out of hours and all of the RKJ team are so friendly it's almost a pleasure to give them a call.

    I have rented many properties both in and out of London and can say, hand on my heart, I have never rented somewhere as nice to live in as the RKJ property I am in now, and have never dealt with any letting agency or landlord as helpful, polite and well-run as RKJ, and with any luck i will continue to rent it for as long as possible.

  • Charlie, North Chingford

    Overall I have been very impressed and happy with RKJ handling the rental side of my property in Chingford. Information is always received in a timely fashion, if ever i have a query the response time is fantastic and always in a good amount of detail. Payments are always handled in a timely fashion but for me the most important role as a Managing Agent is that they are the middle man between Tenant and Landlord and i believe RKJ handle this relationship very well whilst remaining fair and considerate to both parties. RKJ excelled for me late last year when I lost a tenant and they had someone ready to move in to the property within around two weeks of the old tenant departing! Iam pleased with the service RKJ provide and would have no interest in looking elsewhere for a Managing Agent

  • Anisa & Yusuf, Leyton

    Further to our telephone conversation earlier this week, I would like to confirm that my husband and I would like to give notice to leave our tenancy.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are of your highly professional and efficient service as our Landlords, but as a growing family we must now move on. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to future tenants who may reside at this property.

    ~Thank you again. 18 December 2014.

  • Gwen & Tony, North Chingford

    RKJ have been managing our property, a two bedroom flat in the E4 area, for over 6 years. They are very experienced property management company with a great team of qualified tradesmen who can deal with any maintenance issues that arise. We have always found them to be very diligent in dealing with any difficulties that may occur in the running of the property, acting quickly and efficiently in the interests of both tenant and landlord.

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